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LET'S TRY AGAIN! New post-lockdown dates...

Solo Show from October: The Zen of Show Tunes




343 West 46th Street (between 8th & 9th Aves)




Here are some samples from The Zen of Show Tunes at Don't Tell Mama

"I'm Calm"

"The Butler Song"

O'Connor & Vogel Shows

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Guy & Doll

Barbara and Scott Siegel, TheaterMania:

"Sensational... Inspired... Endearing and enjoyable..."

"...elegantly crafted"  "...a sharply defined musical comedy sensibility,"  "The two stars are funny, touching, and totally in character."

Christopher Byrne, GayCity News

"Charming... Uproariously funny...Buoyant chemistry... Delightful... Quite moving..."

"...the same kind of lighthearted electricity that made the screwball comedies of the 1930s work."

"...simplicity and good fun and feels so present and honest"  "...two charming people singing their hearts out and really exploring the emotional range of a song. Guy & Doll delivers just that and more. It's a fine, fun evening."

Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online



"The chemistry between these two show-business veterans shines through

every line.  It's a chuckle a minute, with lots of side-splitters sprinkled in -

all done with aplomb."


Michael Dale,

"Raucously funny"

"Reminiscent of what you might have found in a 1960's television special starring Jackie Gleason and Nancy Walker"  "...a musical comedy version of Mike Nichols and Elaine May. They are sketch comics who use showtunes for punch lines in playing out charming and funny vignettes of male/female romantic relationships."

"Guy and Doll is the kind of show you can take you conservative out-of-town relatives to, but it's also a terrific pick for date night."

Guy & Doll Song List

How To Be Perfect

Peter Leavy, Cabaret Scenes

"O‘Connor and Vogel are naturals, an ingratiating antidote to letting reality get you down. Go!"

"it will take special effort to not be uplifted, delighted and impressed with the comedic and showbiz savvy of these two performers."


"Troubled by the state of the world? Disgruntled over election results? Wondering how soon they'll ship your job to a third-world country? Here's a temporary but effective way to pull your spirits up"

"Chock full of grade-A material"

Stu Hamstra, Cabaret Hotline Online


"True fun from beginning to end."

"The songs are terrific - this is the type of revue that in the old days would have the songwriters from Tin Pan Alley sending in submissions."

Michael Dale,


"Picture a 1960's television special starring Jackie Gleason and Nancy Walker and you'll get an idea of the dynamic between these two talented clowns and the style of show they present."

"I knew Brian Tom O'Connor and Debra Vogel were my kinda people. With more than half their selections coming from flop or otherwise obscure musicals such as Tovarich, So Long, 174th Street and Dance a Little Closer, I took my first sips of vodka martini anticipating a welcome evening with seldom-heard friends."

"But the main point of How To Be Perfect is to deliver the laughs, and that's what O'Connor and Vogel do best. They're a lovable pair of old-style musical comedy comics with excellent taste in lesser known showtunes. "

Naila Francis,
The Philadelphia Intelligencer

(Click below for PDF)

How To Be Perfect Song List

Found & Lost

Building upon the wit, charm, and excellent song selection of their previous shows, "Guy & Doll and "How To Be Perfect", Brian Tom O'Connor and Debra Vogel present "Found and Lost," an amiable, light-hearted gambol through what makes relationships tick.


Having been dubbed "masters at their craft" by Cabaret Hotline Online, they blend the best of sketch comedy and character duets to create hilarious and often touching portrayals of the joy and heartbreak in every relationship.

Found & Lost Song List

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