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A Midsummer Night's Dream––The Shakespeare Project's rambunctious production, playing in parks around the city, makes for a delightful summer evening.  In a neat conceptual twist, the fairies are puppets (created by Ralph Lee, of the Village Halloween Parade) manipulated by the actors; the technical strains of acting while puppeteering do show at times, and the cast is mixed, but it's hard to quibble in the face of so much fun.  Ben Lipitz as Bottom, and Brian Tom O'Connor, doubling as an Athenian noble and a mechanical, are particularly good.  Directed with wit and economy by Scott Cargle.

from CURTAIN UP review of Caesar and Cleopatra

Much of the success of this production stems from the quality of the acting... Rafael Jordan is excellent as Apollodorus, an artist who "serves only the cause of beauty," and Brian Tom O' Connor is similarly good as Pothinus.

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